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Wednesday, November 22

The Face of Love

I was looking at the dry leaves,
Leaving the trees,
Onto the parched and alone soil.
In the absence of the sun,
Clouds suspended in the air,
Lifeless, grey.

I was looking at the face of my Love,
And all I can see,
Was the shadow of disappointment,
Seems like Hope had left her,
She said, "might as well bury me six feet under."

Oh, is it still possible,
Or is it unavoidable,
The scratch on my Love, is a cut on my heart.
My soul grows restless,
Not knowing how this will end,
Will we ever find happiness,
Or will we live in disdain?

So I brave myself,
For the sake of my Love,
Verily, the only cure is the face of my Love.
Come what may,
Come at me, I dare you to fray,
I'm afraid no more, 
In here a fire’s grow.

Oh, my sweetest dream,
Conjure up and wake me up,
Let me touch your faces,
Oh, my Love, your million sweet faces.

Is it too much to ask,
For me to hold your hand and your heart?
Because in the murkiness that Hope promises,
The only rope I believe in,
Is the one our Lord's throwing in.


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Nazar Idrus said...

at first.. wooowww..
at last.. awesome translation for CT.. haha