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Saturday, July 10

An Imaginary Ex

If anyone ever ask me
How you did you cope with it
I would say I didn’t
Because at times
You’re still in my mind

While watching your favourite show,
While walking at places we both know,
Or while listening to your playlist of songs
That I can’t erase from the iPod and phone

How can I ever forget you
When all I see is you
The pencil that you gave
The shirt that you chose
The stall that you suggested
The book that you wrapped

There are times when I don’t know myself anymore
I don’t know whether my dislikes are all my dislikes
Or some of them are yours
I don’t know whether my favourites are all mine
Or are they all yours

So the next time you post your status on Facebook
Or when you upload pictures that you took
You can be sure that I care to look
Yet I have no courage to say ‘Hi’ or to poke

Those final days were hard
But now it’s even harder
What should I do
When I saw you at the ATM
Or at the cafeteria on 9 AM
Should I smile and say hi?
Or should I talk a little and say goodbye?

[written above is fictional stuff, since I have no iPod,and I never poke no one,and have no ex....written with few truth.very few actually]