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Monday, May 14


I'm like a kid around you

Get too excited to just about everything

I asked for unconditional love relentlessly

As if love is a lollipop in a candy store

I trusted you with all my heart

As if you are my favorite superhero

I went naughty throwing tantrums

When you're too busy and ignored me

I hold you so close

Like you're my favorite pillow

I closed the door and eyes so tight

When we argue and caught in a fight

Then I creep slowly back to you

Because forgiveness is so easy than losing you

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Sunday, May 13


Haruskah aku

Membuta mata

Memekakkan telinga

Pada jelik wajah dunia

Pada herdik pekik manusia

Memaksa aku

Membisu mulut dari menegur

Mengudung tangan dari melentur

Bila aku sendiri




Dan kudung

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Monday, May 7


I saw you yesterday

Looking all gloomed and frayed

Your feet fidgeted

Your body swayed

You must really want to leave

Yet your heart want to stay

I saw you again today

Biting your lips pulling your hair

At the exact same spot

The exact same parking lot

Just more fidgeting

Just more swaying.

So right now im walking

Slowly steady towards you

You can't avoid but noticing

That i am nervous too

So right now we're 2 feet apart

At the exact same parking lot

Switching glances of each others eyes

I said "Hi."

And you smiled.

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