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Sunday, April 28


Kadang-kadang kita terlalu rapat
Hingga terhijab cela dan cacat
Kita dan Bumi terlalu dekat
Ingatkan datar rupanya bulat

Kadang-kadang kita terlalu jauh
Terpisah dirindu, bersama dikeluh
Macam bintang dan matahari
Jauh menghias, dekat mencucuh

Kadang-kadang kita terlalu sama
Ketawa bersama, menangis bersama*
But our closeness is bound by the gravitation
Too close, we'll head for cosmic collision

Sometimes we are too very different
Any similarities wouldn't make much difference
We could admit it or pretend indifferent
That a wishful thinking's us not differ once

*sila sengih jika anda baca ini dalam suara Black. lulz
**as the title suggests, I want to make this a 'space' theme, but I messed up on the 4th what? rangkap?baris? idk. The point is, just no 'space' reference there.

Saturday, April 27


Never anyone ever told me about how hard life could be.
I probably even have the idea that things will be easier as I grow older.

How come no one ever reach me.
To tell me that I should brace for what's coming.
Not that it would help much, 
but some help nonetheless.

How can the adults just watch me,
Trying to figure out life.
Like they want me to see that life is an illustrated book,
When what exactly I'm looking at is an abstract paint.

Probably if they did help me,
It would not help much.
Or probably I'll refuse anyway.
Or probably I would chase them away.


Wednesday, April 3


At 23, I finally made peace with Life. Life was cruel and wild. It still is.

But just like anything wild, when we understand how it works,even the wildest beast can be tamed and before we know it, we're enjoying the ride on it's back.

I'm enjoying my ride now. I'm enjoying my Life.

If my Life is an animal, I would say it's a cat, maybe? 
Because I tamed Life alright but sometimes I do still have little problems, a bit stress out etc. 
That stress and problems -- that's my Life taking occasional s**t on the carpet.
I hate you Life, but I love you :)