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Friday, January 29


I said to myself
''Never!'' myself said to me
And I said no more
To weak I am
To not able to fight
Of my own want
My own need
My own quest
My own dream
Stupid me

Monday, January 25

I'm Hate-able

What ever I do
People find fault
As if they are experts
Of what i'm doing
So I put my hands on my ears
So I'm alone again
So I can do what I want

Saturday, January 23


Today: Test Organic Chem

This Week: Futsal. ~~hujan~~ Y_Y

This Month: Belanje banyak

This Year: Sama dengan di atas sbb taun ni baru sebulan

Life: Clueless. Tak de matlamat (" --)

Wednesday, January 20

Told Secret

Susah sangatkah
Nak cari kawan yang baik
Yang bila gembira
Ketawanya bersama
Yang bila berduka
Adanya bersama

Susah sangatkah
mahu jumpa rakan yang setia
yang rela membela
tak kenal derhaka

aku hanya mahu teman yang percaya aku
bila semua berkata aku tiada gunanya
aku hanya mahu kawan yang
berkata, "Naja,dia boleh buat semua tu"
"aku percaya dia,dia takkan putus asa"
"beri dia sedikit peluang dan ruang"
"sedikit lagi masa,dia bisa"

Aku hanya mahu kawan yang mengerti bahasa derita aku
Jika tak bisa dia mengerti derita aku

Dulu aku bukan duka begini
aku tak pernah duka begini
dulu aku rasa sendiri,
tapi masih ada teman yang rasa sekali
Kini aku rasa sendiri
tetapi yang ini memang benar sendiri
Kerana dulu kawanku adalah aku
serupa wataknya
sama deritanya
Tapi kini aku tinggal sendiri
Aku tinggal aku
kerana aku mencuba
hidup dengan suasana beda
bercampur baur jenis dan ragam
aku ketap aku genggam
Aku beranikan pilihanku

Tapi aku kecewa

Aku hanya mahu kawan yang teman aku
bila aku rasa sendiri
aku hanya mahu kawan
yang percaya aku sampai mati
berdiri tegak di sisi walau aku dicaci

Aku hanya mahu kawan yang nampak aku elok
walau dunia menghina dan memperolok
Aku hanya kepingin senyum di hujung minggu
sebab bersembang berbicara
berborak apa saja

Aku tak mahu kawan yang harta berjuta
aku tak mahu kawan yang punya rupa bergaya
aku tak mahu kawan yang orang lain suka

Aku hanya mahu kawan yang faham kerenah aku
Aku hanya mahu kawan yang terima keadaanku
Aku hanya mahu kawan yang faham niat hasratku
Aku hanya mahu kawan yang membantu bila tahu aku malu minta dibantu
Aku hanya mahu kawan yang suka berkongsi mimpi
Impian dan cita-cita
Duka-lara dan rahsia

Aku hanya mahu kawan yang tak pernah tinggalkan aku
aku hanya mahu kawan yang bisa jujur dengan aku
aku hanya mahu kawan yang memikirkan yang terbaik untukku
aku hanya mahu kawan yang santunnya membimbingku
Ketawanya menggembirakanku
Senyumnya meringan bebanku
Ajakannya jujur keranaku
Tolakannya ikhlas kerana tak mampu
Tangisnya kerna percaya aku
Pelukannya hangat bersaudara
Pujukannya melembut hatiku
Doanya buat aku
Fatihahnya tak lokek untukku
Ingat aku bila santap
Ajak aku bila siram
Maaf aku sebelum beradu

Ku mahu kawan yang bertanya mana aku bila aku tiada
Ku mahu kawan yang rindu aku bila aku entah ke mana
Ku mahu kawan yang kisah sakit demamku
Ku mahu kawan yang tahu makan minumku
Ku mahu kawan yang ajak bicara bila tiada gembira raut wajahku
Ku mahu kawan yang tandang dengan air mawar di pusaraku

Aku mahu kawan aku buat semua ini kepada aku
Sebab aku juga mahu buat yang sama pada kawan aku

Aku hanya mahu teman seperti itu
Susah sangatkah?


Friday, January 15

take time.think twice.

Baru-baru ni
Aku selalu pikir dulu
Baru cakap
Sebab mulut aku lancang
Tapi pikir dua kali pun
Kadang-kadang x cukup

Jadi sekarang
Aku pelik
Orang cakap
Tanpa berfikir

Wednesday, January 13

He is Like a Vampire

Didn't I say so?
The cycle will be complete. Again
I'm having my happy life again.
You know that old story..
going nice n bad,back and forth with my best friend.

But I know this smiles and laughter
Will not last long
Just have to enjoy it right now
Before it turns into thin air in
God knows when

For now
Let me just smile and laugh more
For I give another three days for this to last

Wait and see
When will this vampire friend of mine
Sucking my life

Hate you life-sucking vampire

Sunday, January 10

Two-Headed Monster

Satu hari aku bangun
Aku jaga dengan dua kepala
Aku bukan lagi manusia

Aku bukan manusia biasa
Aku manusia bermuka-muka
Aku mungkin nampak baik dari luar
tapi aku jahat sebenarnya
Aku mungkin nampak jahat dari luar
tapi aku lagi jahat sebenarnya

Aku suka betulkan orang
Padahal aku salah
Aku suka salahkan orang
Padahal aku tak betul
Tak betul laku
Tak betul kepala otak

Badan aku tak boleh lagi tanggung dua makhluk
Muka aku dah lesu pakai topeng baik
Aku dah penat

Aku dah letih
Jadi makhluk dua kepala

Saturday, January 9

That Word is Ours.And Only Ours.

Dengan Nama Allah Yang Maha Pemurah,Lagi Maha Mengasihani.

Katakanlah (Muhammad),

"Dialah Allah,Yang Maha Esa."
"Allah tempat meminta segala sesuatu"
"(Allah) tidak beranak dan tidak pula diperanakkan"
"Dan tidak ada sesuatu yang setara dengan Dia"


Allah is ours.

Thursday, January 7

Love-Hate Cycle

it is always about me
the problems...

i am a problem magnet
sadly i dunno how to demagnetized myself
cuz i am an unpredictable magnet
that changes its pole unpredictably
once i understands the problems from south
i'm changing into north in a snap

i can't go repeating the same thing again and again
it's not like it's the hardest problem ever men encountered
people says problems give you strength,
that if you pass it,you'll be just fine
but in fact this weaken me
i'm weak cuz i know the pattern
i'm weak cuz i know when will it come
i'm weak cuz i know how it will end,and start all over again
and still i can't do nothing to stop it
the cycle
one really sick cycle

and it really scares me when i said i can't do nothing bout it

[and what the heck am i doing posting dis too early in the morning??!!!I'm sick!]

Monday, January 4


can't take it no more.
the way I was treated lately
Just too much
But the world says,
'' Don't you ever cry.''
I can't cry cuz i'm a man
How sick is that?

Friday, January 1

Definition/Meaning of Mean, Defined.

Sometimes I feel like stopping having more friends,
because what I do have now,
are already out of hand.

All these will sound mean,
I still love you all my friends,
But lemme define what is mean

I have this one friend who kept changing mood,
I thought I know everything bout this particular friend,
but in fact,
I don't.

Early days of our friendship,
I can say I have finally found
The Best Friend

~sigh it wasn't for long,
till I made a mistake.
Back to be just another ordinary friend if not confidante
and I thought all was forgiven
I thought so,
should my heart grew fond over my forgiven brutal acts,
my everyday life starts to decay,rot
and me~ crippled by day
by you my ex best friend

Okay,best friend no more
I want to be a best friend is what you did not allow,
so I accepted that reluctantly coz i've sinned
but now I don't think you yourself allow it

You kept me in a cage
where I cannot make new friends
and when I'm trying to,
you go senile

The formula is easy my friend,
You hated me = lemme go
but no
You hated me = you don't lemme go
is what you put
in your damn broken calculator

How many time have you go extra jolly with a friend when I'm around?
okay,you made made me jealous.but what do you earn.wake up my friend.
I'm affected but i do not care

How many time have you go vicious when I don't talk to you
because when I do talk to you,you don't want to?

How many time I have to give in and talk to you
because you look so lonely,
You are okay with it today,
and vicious again tomorrow.
believe me,i'm not trying to be your best again
if that what you're so vicious about

How many time have you pretend (oh,I know this very well)
that you hated me,
when i know you watch me from the very corner of your eyes,
whenever i am with another friend.

gimme a break

I hate being an ex best friend
because every minute details of me,
is just another weapon to kill me.

I laughed at exceptional moments,
when i remember what have you told me,
when i apologized to you then.
"Naja, you're such a girl"

Hecks.You're being one.

I am still guilty of that mistake you can't forgive
Broke your heart I think
Don't broke mine,
coz you'll be just as bad as me

was a good friend.
I still believe you are
Stop doing all these
I'm sorry if I'm the one who made you like this
Let us be like you said before
"Just friends."


New but Not That Good

and my past years
never have been good
but what can i do
just don't really can stick to my resolution
urgh,that 10 letters word made me feel like vomiting already
it is just too big a word
to be digested for a year
i'll try though
but right now
lemme rest for a while
just too lazy
to even raise a finger
to change 'i' to 'I'

new year
wudda ya mean to me???