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Friday, September 16


 complete me
like a key to a padlock

warm me up
like a mug of hot choc

make me smile
like a sun after a storm

say I'm a perfection
when all I am is deformed

sound like a song to my ears
when all you do is whisper

make me feel okay
turning night into day

are my only chance
my only one

yes, you.

Wednesday, September 14

Tragedi Raya

It was a fine day. I met my friends after such a long semester break.
We shake hands, we chat, we laugh together again. In fact, I cannot even bring myself to talk normally because I cannot stop smiling.But...

But who can imagine that this glorious day hold so huge a tragedy. A tragedy no human in their normal state of mind would have anticipate it on the first day stepping back into the varsity. So severe that I find myself hiding inside my locked room, shaking. I'm not going to torture you and myself with vague plots anymore. This, is the story of a TRAGEDY.

So, I got a room just a room away from the room of a friend of mine...
Errr. Ok stop.. Aku pun tak faham aku tulis apa. Senang cakap, bilik aku selang sebilik la dengan kawan aku =P
Sambung. Being away from each other for a good 4 months, drove us to flock into his room (let 's name him Aaron Aziz). I don't know what hantu raya Aaron Aziz used to bela, but his room always have friends come by, unlike my room *nanges*. Aaron Aziz exudes warmth and welcoming aura that came out of nowhere. If our hostel is the route of migratory birds, I'm pretty sure the birds will stay at his room for a night or two.

So, me and a few other friends lepak at his room. Besides us, we got occasional guests (read neighbours) who came in to salam, berkenalan, tanya khabar etc. It was a harmonious time. Raya feeling is still in the air.

After that we went makan-makan, but before went to bed I decided to lepak a bit at Aaron Aziz'z room. While lepak and chat, a neighbour masuk; a senior student (let's name him Rozmey). Like me, Rozmey also was starstruck by Aaron Aziz's warmth. He came into the room like 4 or 5 time already. Noob. So starstruck. Or at least that's what I think of him.

Rozmey then masuk for the last time at 1 am to ask for a glass of water. He then asked things like, "Esok kelas macam mana? Dah start ke?"
Dengan bangga we both answered, "Kelas start petang." We both then chuckled. Chuckle bangga.

That's when the tragedy begin. Right at that moment.

Rozmey: Oh, so takde kelas la ni pagi. Boleh la aku tunjuk something. (Seluk poket. Keluarkan pendrive).

Aaron: Eh apa benda bang? Dah pukul 1 la *sense something fishy*

Aku: (selak buku)*not paying attention*

Rozmey: Sekejap je. (Cucuk pendrive)

Aaron: Laptop takde antivirus ni (bukak pendrive reluctantly)

Aku: *not paying attention*

Rozmey: Nampak tak ni?  (turned head to me. pointing laptop)

Aku: Hah? Nampak apa? (x faham. bangkit. approach laptop)

Rozmey: (bukak POWERPOINT.yup. Powerpoint at 1 am for God's sake!)

And that's the moment it occurred to me. Looked at Aaron's face. A face of regret and helplessness. The harmonious moments built up from the morning, crumbled down into tiny debris.

The debris now crushed into dust as Rozmey open his mouth to talk about life and future planning. Politely we listen, gracefully we went through hell. Was he going to lecture us about life? If so,why using powerpoint slides? That is so lame. Only about half an hour later that we were told of his true intention;

He asked us to join MLM!!!

No wonder he's super friendly today. It's not raya mode. It's not reunion mode. It was all business! Aaron may be exuding warmth more than I do. But at that moment, I am pretty sure, we both exuded nervous sweats on our back, trickling down in between our butt-cheeks.

Rozmey kept on talking, despite our sleepy eyes and lack of attention. Our response was weak, slow, and one-syllable (uh/yeah/yup/tak/hmm). My heart rebelled. My mind rioted. It hate you AM-freaking-WAY. If there's something I wanna say about Amway is; go away!

Then Rozmey end his speech and persuasion with, "So,macam mana?"

All me and Aaron can do at 2am was exchanging what-should-we-do-now glances.