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Tuesday, October 22

Dark Night

Take my hand right,
And hold on to it tight,
We will walk through the night,
Till we spot the first light.

Walk a little longer,
Because one step is another step closer,
Just a few more my dear,
Persevere, chase away the fear.

It’s so dark I know,come near
To my voice you follow,you hear
They’re slipping away from mine, your fingers
At my side you stay, I’m here,

Darling, where are you?
Hold still, I get you,
This will take me a moment,
Wait there please a second.

My love, can you answer me
Where are you, I cannot see,
There you are, you make me worry,
I left you cold and weary,
Oh darling I’m sorry.

Oh there darling ,
Can you  see the light, can you see it?
It’s so near now I can reach it,
Be patient my darling,
Soon our hands will stop shaking,
Soon our bodies will stop shivering,

And our hearts...stop beating.