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Sunday, January 25

Bawa Aku Pergi

Aku kian kehilangan Tuhan.

Aku tak berharta tak berteman
Hidupku kosong dan sendirian

Dan dunia terlalu banyak dugaan
Kau akan kulupa kusalahkan

Tuhan, bawa saja aku pergi dari dunia ini
Sebelum aku kehilanganMu dalam kehitaman hati
Sebelum aku bisu untuk bicara padaMu lagi.

Saturday, January 3


I wish I never knew you. You were never my intention. You were a distraction. You were at the back of my mind crying for attention. I regret each and every moment I come to know you, love you, hate you.

You were like a celestial body, a gravity I can't escape. You were like a bad novel I can't put down. You were in my dreams. You were in my mind at my calmest and busiest moments. You were an itch that can't be ignored nor can be scratched away.

You were my Sun. A warmth when my life was cold and bleak. A torture when I was so thirsty I couldn't speak.

You were a tree I seek for some shade. Then you overshadowed me, depriving me of shine like a wilting shrub.

You soiled my past with memories I don't want to recall. You infest my present like a weed I can't uproot. You pester my future like an echo that won't go mute.

You made me run in circles. You made me a slave of my emotions. You made me defy logic and conscience. You were my aggression, my manic depression. You were my lithium; you calm me down and then hit me hard with vertigo.

You were a drug I can't let go.

Not until now. I will let you go now. Drift slowly you now because no matter how the horizon will eat you up. You will forever vanish from my sight and my mind. Watch your back because I will no longer be your fallback. Please go and don't come back. Go as far as you can, and then some.

So that's it. Goodbye.