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Saturday, May 28


Kids sure can be cute.
and cuddly.
and adorable.

But one thing we hate to admit, but we have to admit;


Last night, I'm in a car with two toddlers. Nephew and niece. But the niece is boyish, she might as well be a nephew. Heh.
They shouted, "Yayy!" everytime our car potong any other cars and lorries.
I super-hated the shouts because they were not synchronized, loud, high-pitched, and repeating. No sign of stopping at all.
My brother drove his car fast. So you can add 'continuous' to the "Why I Super-hate" list.

No, don't get me wrong. I love kids. If only they're not annoying.

Head still pening now.

Note: Do I look like a child abuser now? LOL. Definitely cross out pedophile eh =D

p/s: I love kids

Thursday, May 19


All I need is one dear person
That can pat my back and say, "It's alright."
Yes, all I need is only one person,
That's just enough to make me satisfied

But this ain't kindergarten no more
It's not about toys and dinosaurs anymore
We're not mere toddlers in a box of sand,
We can't fight and easily be friends again,
I can't take your plastic truck and then say I'm sorry,
The littlest things seem now so huge and heavy.

When half your life you're hurt and betrayed,
You spend another half insecure and afraid,
It's impossible to find a best friend forever,
When you can't even put a hand on one's shoulder,

You got hundreds and thousands of Facebook friends,
But once you log out you're alone again,
If being in a same class or school is all it requires,
Then a teacher is my friend and so do the cleaners.

"But it's all right now," say me to myself,
Though there's no pat cause my hand can't reach my back,
Let's just start over at a new place,
A place called 'tempat internship'- lah =D

Monday, May 16


Exam was over, and the holiday is now!!! Yayyyy!
But... not so much of yippee yay yay, because 10 hellish weeks of internship will be unleashed so very soon. Internship. Sigh. Indemnity (read damn) letter, log book, rumah sewa, work hard yadayadayada..what evs.
I'm just going to enjoy this 2 weeks gap, and never care about all those tiny minute puny unimportant internship. i think that's why it got so many names - latihan industri lah, practical lah, intern lah. konon bajet penting lah kot. ah membebel plak. neves lah tu nak LI.

Enough. enough of this nauseating LI thingy discussion. I'm going to tell you a story instead. A story of how one TV show POed me. You got excited already right? Right? Okay tak shut up naja.
So here it goes...

I got on a bus to go back to my lovely hometown with Mak. It was a work day so nobody can send us home by car. So we hop on the bus like at 11 a.m. from Shah Alam. And nerve wrecking i should say- the bus stopped at Pekeliling for an hour ++ Whatta??? Nak kutip passenger lah tu. Ish.

Luckily the bus got a TV, which was turned on.I dunno bout you,but I just don't get it- why some,no,many buses just leave the tube turned off. interior design probably? Blergh...
Lucky it was on, but malang too because it was Wanita Hari Ini. I know it's informative but...two women with mekap tebal sitting on the couch talking bout beauty products? plain boring. No offense WHI lovers out there. Dah lah dulu dia punye host Ifa Raziah. Ifa Raziah people. come on. Tak seswai. macam gossip show plak. Maybe nak minimize the boring-ness. it's not working Dato' Farid Ridzuan.

But since the view outside never change much since I was a kid, I miraculously watched the tv, the WHI. Bravo.

1st segment- they talk about eczema, a skin problem which one guy on the show said that it can be cured using goat's milk. Katanya dengan kuasa Tuhan insyaAllah boleh sembuh eczema dgn susu kambing. Ok. Ahli panel macam boleh pakai. macam alim. macam sunnah nabi je. LoveWHI-o-meter naik separuh.

2nd segment- they talk about madu tualang, how it is rare and very good for health. Tunjuk lah orang panjat pokok segala. Ok. macam ada kaitan dengan segmen 1st. Dalam quran kan kata madu boleh jadi penawar. Hmm...Ok. bagus gak WHI ni. LoveWHI-o-meter hampir penuh. Terbayang-bayang sungai madu, sungai susu kat syurga. Rasa macam alim habis lah aku. By now, the bus was already at uphill battle dgn bukit genting.

3rd segment- It's about some famous baju dalam anniversary. Siap dgn video runway kat KL. What? baju dalam?!! How can I relate that with segment 1 and 2. How on earth,or should I say how in Hell can I relate those three? Gladly, Mak already fast asleep. Or it's going to be awkwaaaaard. LoveWHI-o-meter jatuh exponentially. Ada plak tu runway show camtu kat Malaysia. Bakor kang. But how understanding our God is- the TV gone out of signal almost immediately. Maybe the reception was poor because of the terrain n hills, but still it's not a mere coincidence aight?hehe

Boo sama WHI.boring and porn. Ceh! Baik tgk Spongebob. at least Sandy the Squirrel tutup urat pakai astronaut outfit.

p/s: I really did enjoy the short holiday: Went to beaches 5 times already. Gahahaha

Sunday, May 8


Lokasi- Petronas Desaru
Situation- Stop to refuel the car on the way back from a short vacation/ BBQ at Desaru public beach.

Driver: Weh Naja, isikan minyak eh? (then off he went pergi bayar dekat kaunter)

Aku: (talking to a friend at the back seat of the car) Weh ko isikan la weh...

Friend: Lah, isik la...

Aku: Tak reti r....isi minyak dalam motor pun melimpah... *dumb expression*

Friend: *scoff* Alah, tank besar ni. Tak tumpah punya...

Courage gained.
Walk to the back of car, turn the cover open.
Pull the pump nozzle from the huge white box (which i presumed connected to the core of the earth, extracting pressurized liquidized dinasours, miles below).
Put the nozzle in.
Click. The digital figures didn't change.
Click click. Nozzle bergegar sikit. *phew*
Pump it Naja. Go Naja go.

Aku: (calmed down, joking around with Friend) Kalau handset aku berbunyi ni, habis aku.meletup.*sheepish smile*

Friend: Haha.

At that same freakin' moment, I felt a vibration on my right pocket, then a wiki-wiki woosh sound coming from it, indicating somebody had the intention of blowing me up with a mere call/SMS.

Aku: Weh, handset aku bunyik *nervous*

Friend: Huh???! Betul ke? (either he is as afraid as I am, or he just can't believe the coincidence of me predicting the time of death)

Aku: Ha'ah (spontaneously angled my right leg away from the combustible fuel ) *still nervous*

Friend: Betul-betul ke???

Aku: Ha'ah (ok stop freaking me out, what is your intention? double-freaking me out? LOL)

Luckily, nothing blew up, no one dead, and my driver friend return to the car unknowingly, his mission of getting an RM20 worth fuel worked just fine.

note: what happened was I received an SMS, berbunyi begini:-

"Raye 2011 - tema hijau"

It's from my sis. It's quite ironic if you think of the situation like this:

If the SMS caused the car to blow up, then I'll be dead for sure.
If I'm dead for sure, there's a 100% chance that I cannot celebrate this year's Raya (glamorized as Raye 2011)
If I cannot celebrate Raya, what's the point of telling me the tema of the Raya (hijau)? make me green with envy inside the coffin? ( a coffin which may contain only bits and pieces of what's left of me as a result of a complete combustion of RON95 fuel)

note: half way writing this down, I stucked and Googled the terms for pumping fuel into car, proving I'm born stupid at this.